Lady Veronica

Lady Veronica
Lady Veronica

Lady Veronica is a sculpture that I created at the age of 15 years old whilst taking my GCSE studies. The work was completed under our car-porch in the 6 week holidays and was made from wood, piping, plaster, car parts and electrical cable. When I was a teen (and still to this day) I was interested in feminist discourse through art. The work gained a lot of interest regionally and the High School was awarded Arts College Status. The work was included in an auction by the charity, The Prince's Trust. It was an honour to be included in this auction with the Trust and this was the start of my interest in and more philanthropic, charitable and enterprising pursuits through art and education.

"Veronica is a life-size futuristic sculpture. The artist created 'Veronica' as an embodiment of the awesome power of the 21st Century woman. 'Veronica' is constructed from welded car parts, metal and plaster. She is a striking sophisticated expression of feminine prowess. This challenging, emphatic work has created huge interest among visitors to the school. It reflects the assertive confidence of young immense achievement.- Auction Lot 19-The Prince's Trust, Charity Auction 2003.

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